Leimomi’s Blueprints, Shell Clearing, VIP 8 week course, and level 1 clearing has made a dramatic difference in my life! I was so surprised to find out that my super power was actually power and not love. Since I’ve had the clearings and have been in the course, I am naturally able to align to my super power without effort. I’m much calmer, my relationships are better, and I’m receiving so much information from source. I even feel much more energetic since I’m not wasting my time in the wrong super power. I’m looking forward to more clearings and work with Leimomi! I highly recommend any of her courses or clearings. It’s truly life altering!

Kerri Harpole

I’ve never experienced such a deep transformation so quickly. I feel like a new person. Before Leimomi removed my shell, I was experiencing irrational fears that felt like they belonged to me, as well as escalating panic attacks that were inhibiting my ability to work + be visible in my business. Within 12 hours of Leimomi removing my shell, my panic attacks stopped, the irrational fears went away, and I was infused with a new focus, drive, and inspiration to create powerful content. To be free of the panic attacks that plagued my life + my business alone is worth $20,000 or more. I have been liberated to be more of myself, and to finally step into the powerful entrepreneur I was born to be. Time to be seen.

PollyAnna Brown

Storytelling Marketing Strategist

I loved my time with Leimomi. She is the perfect combination of spiritual and business acumen. Leimomi’s vibe which lifted me straight into probability and possibility. If you are a highly conscious entrepreneur, she is the mentor you want to work with.

Antonina Andreeva

High Vibe Coach & Mentor for #Spiritpreneurs, The Coachinista

Receiving my soul alignment blueprints and learning about my True Super Power was an absolute game changer for me! Finding out that I’d been operating from my Life challenges (power and love respectively) for most of my life made so much sense in terms of why there were tons of ups and downs. My Self Expression Superpower on the other hand was something I’d avoided at all costs due to fear and apprehension.

Once I started working with Leimomi, I made a decision to move through the discomfort of functioning from my super power and almost instantly was able to feel and experience the incredible bliss of ease and flow that came from acting in my Superpower. It takes practice and I’m still learning as I go along, but it’s so incredibly worth it!

Thank you so much Leimomi – this was exactly what I needed to start taking the next best steps forward in literally all areas of my life!

Lucenda Barnes

The results I got from all of Leimomi’s Level 1-4 clearings were beyond my own words. Being in the 8 week program and working with her privately has been a life changer. I’ve been feeling physically more energetic, mentally clear, peaceful, and grounded in my Super Power. My relationships with my loved ones have been immensely improved. Leimomi’s work is amazingly powerful and she is able to bring all the essence of me out so I am able to dedicate on my sacred work and serve from my heart with complete soul alignment with my Love Super power. With her loving presence, you know that you can fully trust her guidance. Love you, Leimomi!

Jen Yang

Self-Love Catalyst Coach

Working with Leimomi has been a revelation on so many levels for me. Finding out that I’m a power soul and my soul purpose gift of empowerment have further validated the direction I envisioned going with my life and career. The same is true about my business – the purpose of it, how to focus my marketing efforts and what services I should focus on and are in my zone of genius. Finding out my life’s challenges and how alignment to them in the past have made me work so much harder, was a big Aha moment too.

As part of working together, I opted for the VIP option to also get the benefit of Akashic records clearing, as deep down I knew something was keeping my stuck and unable to move forward and fully embrace and embody being a power soul. The clearing was a game-changer for me, I woke up feeling much more lighter and optimistic about the direction I was headed in – ready to step into my power.

Susanne Schwameis

Women’s Career & Leadership Coach

Discovering my Super Power and Life challenges and finding the order of them was so fascinating. It was a huge weight off my shoulders as it made it really easy to see how I had been forcing myself into misalignment because I believed it was something I had to be doing. It gave me so much confirmation about who I am, how I work best, and really gave me the freedom to behave accordingly and know that I don’t have to follow what I’ve always been told in order to manifest what I want in my life! My Super power is creation and now I know when I am starting to struggle or feel misaligned, I go back to creation and everything falls into place.

Stacy Spain

Intuitive Guide & Spiritual Mentor

After getting my blueprints, doing the VIP 8 week program I got SO much clarity, confidence & inner peace. I learned that for the past 8 years I was aligning to my creation life challenge, as oppose to power super power – which was the reason i wasn’t feeling well for the last couple of years. This was a huge wake up call & GIFT in my life! Since changing businesses and using this new information, clearings & meditations – I feel SO much better (& healthier)! Thank you so much, Leimomi!


When I first started working with Leimomi, I was in a state of confusion and chaos that was affecting my relationships, business, & health. I began in her 14 day program, then went into her 30 day program & now I am in her 8 week Master Your Gifts Program. I’ve received all 4 levels of her clearings, which are very powerful. Working with my blueprints, using her meditations to open my heart, & having the clearings has transformed to who I am today. My relationships are thriving, the fatigue I was experiencing is gone & I finally have clarity in my business!

Jen Carder

Holistic Health Coach & Pharmacist

Getting my soul’s blueprint from Leimomi was one of the best investments I’ve made for both my business and my life. I knew I loved what I was doing, and was good at it, but it was feeling far too difficult to maintain and started feeling empty. I felt this intense calling to do “more” but what I was feeling called to do seemed so far removed from the life I’d been living. Finding out that I was a Power soul was like this incredible validation that I wasn’t crazy. I actually knew exactly what it was my soul was yearning for but didn’t have the confidence to listen to. The 8 week program has been so helpful in creating a deeper understanding of how to move more into alignment with my soul’s purpose, moving out of struggle and confusion working from my life challenges of Love and into alignment with my Power super power. I am so excited for the massive growth and shifts happening in my life and business and the relief at finally having clarity.

Christa Potter

Makeup Artist, Beauty Blogger, and Beauty & Happiness Coach

Working with Leimomi has allowed me to start working more in my Self-expression super power. Although initially I resisted (because I didn’t feel that area was actually my strength). However, once I started speaking and writing more, numerous opportunities opened up to me (writing and interviewing for online publications, magazine, radio, and television, and co-author of a book). Using my soul alignment blueprint, meditation, and daily mindset work really helped me to tap into my more creative side (especially with content creation-which I didn’t think I could do before getting my blueprint). Working with Leimomi has really opened my eyes to the importance of working/operating in your super power so that you are in ease and flow in the direct Path to make a greater impact.

Beverly Walthour

Business Strategist

After clearing my shell and getting my blueprints, I immediately felt lighter. Things have also began to make sense. I have a much better understanding of why. So I feel like my past is clear. I never felt that creative power was my super power. Now looking back at my life and relationships, I can see clearly why things happened the way they did. Now I approach this much differently and I have the confidence to do it.

Nate Taylor

At first, I said, what can it hurt? Once Leimomi did the clearings my gross income doubled to 40k per month the very first month of working for her. Coincidence? I don’t think so. She’s on to something. As you unpack your blueprint your past will make sense, your present will make abundance and your future will make you excited. When I first heard of Leimomi, she talked about being a coach to business owners. She hinted at the esoteric nature of her coaching and I was intrigued. However, I had my doubts. Countless gurus have promised enlightenment in three easy steps. But there was something different about her. She had a calm confidence and a relaxed poise. She was talking a big game, but seemed detached from ego and outcomes, just holding space.

My first experience was three-fold. I gave Leimomi permission to do her thing in the areas of money and finance and shell blocks. Also, I requested my Soul’s Blueprint. I figured this only takes a little bit of money and my permission. Let’s see what she’s got. A few weeks later, I looked back and realized I had grossed 40k (my goal/intention). Since then (three months ago) I’ve consistently grossed north of 40k in my business, with enough in my pipeline to easily make that my new normal. Oh, and expenses stayed pretty much the same. I realized quickly that Leimomi was on to something. So I decided to read the Soul Alignment Blueprint. It made no sense. Complete gibberish. Lol. Then, slowly at first, I began to understand that I had thought my main gift was inherently bad. I had always operated from my life challenge #1, with forays into my life challenge #2. I’m still learning. This is an ongoing awakening that takes awareness and persistence. But each day is clearer and more powerful. Each week I see new vistas of potential.

Rey D.

Financial Planner

As I gained clarity on my super power by working with Leimomi, I was able to laser focus my message and the transformation I am here to facilitate with my clients. I feel very connected to my soul. I am all about purpose driven and I am more then ever passionate and on fire about what I do in the world since working together. What I love most about working with Leimomi is that she demonstrates love in everything she does. I love her soul and the impact she is having in the world. From the moment I connected with Leimomi, I knew there was something very special about her. Then when we worked together in her program, through the clearing and the 14 Day Soul Alignment program, I experienced her at another level and my life will never be the same. She is beautiful on the outside and more beautiful on the inside. So grateful to have her as my Biz Bestie and as a friend for life!

Kharisma Aro

Empowerment Coach & Iconic Brand Strategist