What is Soul Alignment?

Soul Alignment occurs when you achieve balance in all of your 10 life areas that completely fulfills you in your super power, soul purpose and path.  Your 10 life areas are: relationships, family, friends, business, finances, personal development, spiritual development, physical health, physical surroundings, rest and relaxation.

What is a Super Power?

Everyone has ONE dominant super power. It is the specific energy of your soul that brings in abundance in all forms to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body. When you operate from your super power, you feel in flow, with more time freedom, abundance, and energy. You feel like you are in your element, being happy, peaceful, clear, relaxed, loved, valued, secure, satisfied, and acknowledged, without judgment from others.

You look forward to the next dream or goal, feeling more comfortable in achieving more time freedom. You feel that you are guided by a higher power and have faith that things will work out for the highest good, no matter what you encounter. It is being fully secure and fulfilled with having the power to create your best life.

What is a Soul Purpose?

Your soul purpose is encompassed through the work that you do. It catalyzes your super power so that you can thrive physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It’s the platform that allows you to see your path, and allows you to feel the least resistance in creating your dream life.

What are Life Challenges?

Your Life Challenges are similar to your super power, but actually are the specific energies of your soul that keep you from staying on your path. Everyone has two dominant life challenges (1 and 2), and they are the skills and outcome/results that you give to others. Since they encompass the benefits that others receive from your super power, people feel that they have to specifically align to their life challenges, but it only creates chaos in your life, abundance, and relationships. You end up working 5 to 10 times harder than you need to when you operate from your life challenges vs. your super power.

For example, say your super power is Order, and your life challenges are (1) Power and (2) Self-Expression. You are a rockstar Administrative Assistant for a Department Manager and your primary job is to help him get organized (Order) with gathering data and creating clear reports for the department. In return for your services, he feels empowered that the job is done correctly (Power) and can easily communicate the results of your department to the company (Self-Expression). When you become misaligned, you decide that you want to take control (Power) and “show” (Self-Expression) your boss a more complicated 10-page report to show the company that took you 10 hours to create. However, this causes your boss to get flustered, and he doesn’t feel empowered or confident in the chaos you created for him, when all he needed was for you to clearly organize the data and make things simple (Order).

You’ve just worked really hard to step into your life challenges, and now you don’t feel valued or fulfilled since your boss is not confident in the messy reports you provided him. You were not in your super power. Of course, we’re not saying that you shouldn’t try to enhance your skills, but the importance here is to make sure that your efforts stem from your super power (organizing the report better to make it simpler) and not your life challenges (taking control and making things more complicated to express). Your super power should be effortless and it’s what most people seek from you.

Life challenges are meant to show you the contrast of your super power, which allows you see where you are misaligned, but also helps you to own and embrace your super power. When you know your life challenges, it helps you to see what is missing, so then you know how to get back into alignment and flow.

What is my path that allows me to impact millions and bring my original work into the world?

Your path is the journey of expressing your soul’s purpose through your super power, while overcoming your life challenges. It’s the specific path that fulfills your soul purpose.

What are the Akashic Records? How can they help me?

The Akashic Records are the database/library of everything that ever exists in the fifth dimensional level. It contains everything in the past, present, and future. Think of it like the internet – when you search for information, you need to be specific, otherwise you don’t clearly get the information you want. Every person has their own personal records and this information (when accessed right) can be used to make better decisions in your life based on what you need at the time. You can add to it and erase information only when given permission to do so.

Leimomi accesses them to get your personal information for your soul alignment blueprints and also to clear information that is no longer in alignment for your highest good.

What are my Soul Alignment Blueprints? What does knowing my super power, soul purpose, and path do for me?

Your blueprints are the roadmap to your super power, soul purpose, and specific path.  They are the tools you need to know to help you stay on the path, but they also help you manifest whatever you want along the way. They give you the “map” to get back on your path if you end up operating from your life challenges instead of your super power.

Why do I feel overwhelmed, confused, tired, frustrated, angry, and feeling stuck and blocked like someone is holding me back from moving forward with my goals?

When you are experiencing these symptoms, the problem is that you are not consciously aware of the deeper rooted problems that have got you to this place of disempowerment. This lack of clarity can only be corrected through soul alignment. It requires you to work on yourself to make the changes that are needed, so you can take actions that feel good for your soul.

Why don’t I feel motivated anymore? Even though my clients have amazing results, why do I feel like I’m spinning my wheels inside a cage in my business, and stuck in front of a wall I can’t get around?

You are likely doing actions that specifically do not fulfill and empower you anymore. What you have been doing is working five to ten times harder than is necessary in order to feel validated and feel loved. What you need to do is align to your super power, as you have most likely been aligning to the wrong energies and going down the wrong soul purpose and path. This requires you to look into the mirror on the wall that you have in front of you. When you are misaligned, you are avoiding the mirror and looking for quick fixes that will never let you find a long-term solution (to go around the wall, rather than through the mirror). Quick fixes can work, but then you’re always looking for the next fix, rather than getting to the root of the problem and healing yourself in the process to move forward towards your path.

What you need is to choose to walk through the mirror out of self love when you have created a life and business that never was the right path you were suppose to work towards. You need to go through this process of deeply repenting who and what you are not, so you can see who you really are meant to be. It’s scary and you just want to cry, but you can’t, because it’s too painful to face.

Stopping and doing nothing is not the answer, as you can spend years doing nothing and never finding the solution. You need to stop and go down the right path. Then you will see the bigger lesson of why you went down the wrong path, and be able to start all over again.

Why do I feel like I’m doing my purpose, but not making the money I know I deserve?

Just because you think you are doing your purpose doesn’t mean you are in soul alignment and you deserve to get paid for it. Sales are a skill that you learn to do through connection and delivering the solution to a specific problem that you solve. Yes, you can have a specific messaging and marketing problem, but most likely the underlying reason actually has to do with soul alignment.

One of the biggest reasons people don’t get paid for their soul purpose is because they are not aligning to the right super power and building the right platform that fulfills that purpose. It’s like building a nest that really is just a duplicate of another person’s nest.  It never creates enough of an exchange to fulfill both you and your client or customer, allowing you to fly.

Your super power is what is the specific energy you give to others in exchange for your gifts. Money is the energetic exchange of the solution you give to others. When it is not the right energetic exchange, people do not respond well. You will hear crickets because you are attracting the wrong prospects, and you can feel de-valued in the end. You end up feeling like you have to lower your prices or work harder to serve your prospects, when you really just need to serve from your super power and your ideal clients will pay you what you are worth.

Why, even though I am good at messaging, marketing and strategy, do I still feel like people can’t hear me? Why can’t I move fast enough towards my goals in my business?

The real reason no one hears you is because you are not speaking from your super power, so no one can understand you completely. When you do not speak from your super power, you experience chaos in money and relationships, which keeps you spinning your wheels and going nowhere. The key is to learn how to speak directly from your super power, which requires conscious awareness of what words and phrases you are using to your audience.

If you stop speaking from the right super power, you attract people, places and things not aligned for you to move fast in meeting your goals. When you speak from the right super power, you attract more abundance in all forms to fly towards you. Then your soul purpose and path become clearer and clearer.

What is a shell? Why would I need that removed and how does Leimomi do this?

A “shell” is a present life soul block that usually formed when you were a child, especially if you were born in a hospital or were near a soul that had transitioned. The “shell” is the mental and emotional body of another soul. The soul not only leaves its body behind, but it also leaves its mental and emotional bodies, too. So, if for some reason your soul decided to wear this for the sake of “protection,” it begins to connect with the emotional and mental bodies of that particular soul.

The shell is the accumulation of emotional and mental traumas since your childhood that force you to feel anxious, tired, emotional, and feeling like your heart chakra is blocked.

Clearing your shell is good for helping you with visibility issues, deep soul level blocks, and anxieties that are irrational. Leimomi performs the clearing multi-dimensionally, as it’s not easy to describe all that she does in the clearing, but basically she is realigning and connecting you back to Source and activating your super power while removing everything that she finds not in alignment to you.

Leimomi clears out all the irrational fear and noise and removes layers of karma from people in this lifetime. This activates your chakra and energy bodies, connecting you to the love and peace consciousness. It activates your ascension tubes and torus and removes any cords to other beings.

This clearing helps to open your heart chakra up to new abundance. In order for it to be effective, you will also need to take new soul aligned actions to your super power in order to change your circumstances more. There are no guarantees or “quick fixes” with clearings, but it gives you a chance to open new doors of opportunities that were blocked because of this shell around you.

What is misalignment? What are the symptoms of misalignment, and how do I know I’m misaligned?

Misalignment is where you experience negative symptoms in your physical, emotion, and spiritual state of being, which makes you feel not fulfilled and expressed in your soul purpose. There are 2 kinds of misalignments that come from your life challenges. Everyone can experience either type in general.

The first kind of misalignment is Life Challenge #1. When mistakenly aligned to this, you will feel anxiety and pressure even though you feel empowered in this ability. You will feel very controlling in your money and relationships, and you will work 5 times harder with quick money coming in, little time freedom, physical exhaustion and can’t sleep well, as the pressure to perform will kill you softly. You will call in the wrong soulmate clients who don’t completely get you and cause you to feel angry and frustrated.

The second kind of misalignment is your Life Challenge #2. When mistakenly aligned to this, you will feel complete disempowerment and chaos in your money and relationships in everywhere in your life. You will be chasing to fix the problems, but never finding the solution. You will work 10 times harder with no money, time, and energy. You’ll develop sickness, a loss of your own soul’s voice, and no one will seem to hear you.

There are also specific negative symptoms you can experience according to your specific super power. There are 8 types of symptoms. If you want to know what they are, please sign up for Leimomi’s Quiz to find out what yours may be. The problem and solution is through soul alignment, which Leimomi teaches how to do so in her programs.

Once I have my soul alignment blueprints, I will know who I am at soul level. Is that all I need to do to achieve complete soul alignment?

Soul alignment is not a quick fix. It’s a journey to your soul purpose and path. When you have your soul alignment blueprints, you will have to learn how to navigate it and utilize it in your everyday life. It can take up to 6 months to a year to truly figure out how to use your own soul alignment blueprints. It’s simple yet complicated at the same time because it requires you to go through the lesson and experiences to truly understand when and how to get into soul alignment.

Along the path, you will want to take short cuts and end up on windy roads you didn’t mean to go on, but it’s all part of the journey. You have the choice to experience the fastest effortless route, which is what the soul alignment blueprints will give to you. But, you will also need to experience the contrast of your path to really understand why you need to stay on this specific path with the least resistance. Soul alignment also requires you to give up lifestyles and people, places and things that are not good for you and you will need to make the right choices to get to your destination. But, it’s a balance that needs to be achieved in your work and life and the soul alignment blueprints just opens the door to amazing abundance when they are applied right.

Leimomi can help guide you, as she has been through various forms of misalignments and even though she is a master of it, she is still learning and researching to help people find and go down their specific path. Since it’s a journey of awakening, discovery, and activation of your super power and mastery, there may not be a specific end. But, for sure, it’s an adventure that you need to experience and you need an expert guide to show you the ropes so you can fly into flow.

How can I activate my super power, soul purpose, and path so that I can use my abilities to the fullest?

To activate your super power, soul purpose, and path, you will need your soul alignment blueprints that are specific to your soul. Leimomi looks up what is yours in your personal and business Akashic records. She obtains the specific parts of the energy of your soul and creates your own soul alignment blueprints. This information is what gives you the tools and roadmap to success that makes your life effortless. But you will have to overcome your gift envy, beliefs, and illusions that stops you from accessing your super power and going down the right soul purpose and path.

When you discover why you have resistance to certain parts of your soul alignment blueprints, you have to take actions that allow you to align to it properly. It’s scary and uncomfortable, and you have to face yourself in the mirror to truly understand why these parts of your blueprints are the best actions. Getting into alignment to fully activate your super power, soul purpose and path is a process. It’s like 3 kinds of stages of evolution (discovery, activation, and expanding your super power, soul purpose, and path). You don’t achieve it overnight. You go through experiences as you embody and embrace your super power, and that is only then that you will be able to see your true soul purpose and path.

This is why Leimomi created the 8-week Mastering Your Soul’s Gifts program. It’s the program that tells you specifically how to implement your soul alignment blueprints and the correct way to activating your super power, soul purpose and path. Every super power has a specific path, and Leimomi knows how to get you through that process, which can sometimes take up to 10 to 20 years to figure out on your own. Working with Leimomi can get you there in 1 to 2 years or less to fulfill you.

What are the 4 levels of Akashic Record clearings that Leimomi removes from my soul’s blueprints? Why would I need them removed? What will I ultimately experience once I have all these levels of clearing work removed and take daily action towards soul alignment?

When Leimomi was going through the beginning stages of activating her super power, she was experiencing symptoms of misalignments and was also experiencing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pain that could not be explained. She went to medical doctors, shamans, healers, psychics and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her. She had a lot of emotional, health and relationship issues. It ranged from days of depression crying for no reason to fear in seconds, to panic attacks, anxiety, sleep deprivation, weight gain, nightmares, hiding behind anything she could, you name it…she had it. She also felt psychic attacks and trauma, and leaving the spiritual group she thought were her family was petrifying. It felt like someone was out to get her and no matter what she did, she felt disempowered.

It wasn’t only the event and being a new mother that triggered her, it was her karmic soul level blocks that BLEW UP IN HER FACE and she didn’t even know it. She found out that it was her consciousness that had expanded too much and her body was in a state of contraction and shock. It was all because her karmic soul level blocks needed to be cleared in order to move forward. It felt like no matter what she tried, everything she had created was deteriorating and falling apart before her eyes. Her son and husband were also feeling the effects.

Then she found the Akashic records and cleared her son’s, husband’s, and her own karmic soul level blocks, and instantly all that pain, physical, emotional, relationships, and spiritual problems were gone! In an attempt to understand why, Leimomi created 4 levels of private clearing work that specifically helps you get rid of all of the negative trauma and karma that keeps you stuck as you go along your path, allowing you to live the most abundant life.

When you take actions aligned to your super power, soul purpose and path, it will feel effortless. Here are the 4 levels of private Akashic Record clearing work that Leimomi can remove for you:

Level 1:

Level 1 will clear over 20+ soul level blocks of money and relationship issues, and successfully clear the spiritual 5th dimensional blocks in your particular karmic past lifetimes and present life traumas. It will allow you to see how your choices in past lives have created relationship problems in this lifetime. We will get to the core of your present life relationship problems, and clear the noise of particular relationships in your past lifetimes that are currently affecting this lifetime.

Level 2:

This is an expansion of Level 1, accessing Akashic Records and clearing specific 4th dimensional blocks, which are the mental and emotional aspects of your mindset in karmic, present, and past lifetimes. Removal of these blocks will allow you to have a solid success and spiritual mindset to expand in your gifts. All these 4D blocks have kept you distracted, insecure, and having irrational fears that you know is deeply karmic. No matter what you do, even though you do mindset journaling work, you still can’t seem to move past visibility blocks. This Level 2 clearing will clear all of that so you can finally focus on your purpose instead of debilitating mindset blocks. Leimomi will clear chakra imbalances in the physical, emotional, and mental bodies, imprints, hooks or cords attached, karma, beliefs, environmental blocks, illusions, childhood traumas, and past life or present life situations, all of which can be influencing your choices.

Level 3:

This is an expansion of Level 2, accessing Akashic Records and clearing specific 3rd dimension blocks, which are DNA karmic blocks from family lines, code corruptions, ancestral vows, archetypal blocks, negative unconscious patterns, and any parallel lifetimes that are misaligned. This clearing will clear all of those so you can feel your family karmic patterns that are stuck in your DNA /physical body, which is calling sickness, fatigue, and any symptoms that seem to be karmic patterns from your family. Then Leimomi will do an energetic transfer, so you can stay in an abundance and wealth frequency that is your own pattern. Once archetypal blocks are also cleared, Leimomi will shift you into your right parallel reality that is conducive to your own future dream goals.

Level 4:

This is an expansion of Level 3, accessing Akashic Records and business clearing present life blocks in 5 of your business areas: product/services, marketing, sales, business contributors, and clients/customers. This also clears blocks from other people who created noise in your business, which are blocking you from making money.

Once she clears each of these 4 Levels, you will feel lighter and clearer on being able to take action to what you desire. Your goals will manifest in epic time. You will feel fulfilled and start to attract people, places and things that create more abundance in your financial, physical, mental, and emotional states. You will finally feel at peace with yourself.

What are the 4 levels of mindset work that Leimomi can help me with?

Here is a description of the 4 Mindsets that Leimomi’s services will help you with:

Spiritual Mindset 

  • Expanding into your soul purpose, path, and fulfillment using your alignment and blueprints (your roadmap to success and flow)
  • Leaving your legacy behind with your true work that comes from Source
  • Becoming a truly realized being in the physical form, so that all you desire is available to you
  • Focus on really delivering what you say you will do for your clients with the right content, and not what you think they need
  • Attracting all you need with flow
  • Setting up appropriate online or offline business models according to your super power 

Money Mindset

Money mindset encompasses limiting beliefs and illusions that one has about lack and abundance. The beliefs that you have bought into that stops you from receiving money for what you deserve. This state of mindset deals with deeper self-worth and self-love for your time, money and energy. 

  • Creating and doing what you love authentically and aligned to your soul
  • Letting go of fear, lack, and scarcity that does not serve you
  • Letting go of limited beliefs that pull you away from abundance
  • Making money in your business so you feel empowered
  • Changing your time and money schedules
  • Owning your self-worth and value by charging the right prices for your work
  • Moving from employee to boss/entrepreneur mindset
  • Achieving income goals, but with integrity and giving away to your causes you believe in
  • No shame or guilt for having money for yourself 

Self-Love Mindset 

  • Making key decisions to replenish your energy and health
  • Have a life and play with your family, travel, and go on adventures while still being productive instead of being drained
  • Stop taking other people’s choices and things that don’t need your attention – all you need is right in front of you
  • Getting rid of people, places, and things that don’t serve you anymore
  • Changing the dynamics of your relationships so it supports you, not sabotage you
  • Doing daily activities that bring fulfillment for yourself and others; this becomes your new normal while still impacting millions
  • Explore the simple pleasures of life and play in nature with compassion 

Success Mindset 

  • Setting your goals and achieving them with the least resistance
  • Peak high performance when money, soul alignment, and energy is spent with less time and more abundance
  • Becoming an industry leader/expert in what you do
  • Creating more time freedom
  • Upgrading all 10 areas of your life and business
  • Overcome visibility blocks
  • Working only 4-5 hours a day and having time to do whatever you want to do
What is the difference between Spiritual Mindset and Success Mindset?


Spiritual Mindset is the specific tools for your soul to thrive and live in soul alignment and fulfillment.

Success Mindset is like high performance tools, such as time management, productively tools, money mindset to expand, etc.

Spiritual Mindset goes deeper than just tools, it’s aligning to your super power, purpose, and right path.